Puppy Nutrition and Growth

At Generations Labradoodles, we prioritize the health and growth of our puppies. As they grow, we supplement their diet with fresh goat milk. Our homemade puppy food contains poultry bone broth for building bones, fresh ground beef for plenty of iron and protein, fish for calcium and complex amino acids, goat cheese from our dairy goats for prebiotics, fresh eggs from our chickens, pumpkin, as well as vitamins. As they get older, premium kibble, tested and approved by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles, ensures they receive all necessary vitamins for growth and makes sure that their digestive system can handle dry dog food when they finally get home to you. We chart their growth every single day. They grow so well with us that most veterinarians estimate that our puppies will grow to a much greater size than they really do, based on their go-home weight. I spend significant time telling people that it is unlikely that they will get much past their parents’ size, just based on genetics. This early start is great for their brains and it makes them so happy.